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Number of wrathful deities

How many wrathful deities are there?


In Sanskrit, the wrathful deities are known as dharmapalas, which means “defender of the dharma”.  There are 8 wrathful deities.  It is interesting to know that these eight wrathful deities can be worshipped as a group of “Eight Terrible Ones”.  The wrathful deities are represented by Lha-mo, Tshangs-pa Dkar-po, Beg-tse, Yama, Kubera, or Vaisravana, Mahakala, Hayagriva and Yamantaka.  Keep in mind that worship of the wrathful deities was initiated in the 8th century by the magician-saint Padmasambhava.

This fact is verified on : November 6, 2013.

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