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Number of symphonies by Beethoven

How many Beethoven symphonies are there?


Who has not heard of the symphonies created by Beethoven?  It is widely known the fact that there are 9 symphonies: Symphony No. 1, in C major, op. 21 (1799-1800), Symphony No. 2, in D major, op.36 (1802), Symphony No. 3, in E flat major, op.55, also known as “Eroica”, (1804), Symphony No. 4, in B flat major, op. 60, (1806), Symphony No. 5, in C minor, op. 67 (1807), Symphony No. 6, in F major, op. 68, also known as „Pastoral” (1808), Symphony No. 7, in La major, op. 92, also known as “The Apotheosis of Dance”, (1812), Symphony No. 8, in F major, op.93 also known as “The Little Symphony”(1812) and the Symphony No. 9, with a choir and soloists, in D minor, op.125 (1817-1825).

This fact is verified on : January 17, 2014.

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