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Number of Races in the World

Number of Races in the World

This fact is verified on : February 20, 2010.

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  1. To Whom it may concern:

    Do you know of another credible website that I can visit to corroborate my argument to a friend about the number of major races in the world?

    I do agree somewhat with the above explanation however, I am of the thought that we all can be traced back to one of each of the major races.

    There are no “pure” races left but there a few close exceptions such as Australian Aboriginees, African Pygmies, and the Laps of Finland and Scandinavia.

    I also agree that there are microraces or “etnic groups” as you mention above but the differences in our appearances and traits are genetic mutations that occur within in each group.

    Ultimately, we are all Homo Sapien Sapiens and the mutations within our own genus and species are adaptive in nature and do not necessarily make “new races” but rather enhance our own existance as human beings.


    Sean O’Connell

    • Thank you, Sean, for that information. I have been having an argument (discussion?) with my husband about the number of different races in the world. I remember the children’s song we sang in church when I was growing up, “Jesus Loves the Little Children,” and remember tghe line, “red and yellow, black and white, they are precious in His sight,” and was trying to compare the ethnic groups or races with the distinct groups. You have explained it well.

  2. For the room-temp-IQ’s: there are not four races. The descriptions are very simple words and does anyone under 40 know what they are? There must be at least two people that count above four.

  3. My concern is ,how did all the races originated from Adam and Eve?

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