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Number of peacekeeping operations

How many peacekeeping operations are there?


It is important to know that there are currently 15 peacekeeping operations.  There is also one special political mission – the United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA), led by the Department of Peacekeeping Operations.  Here are the names of the 15 peacekeeping operations: MINURSO, MINUSMA, MINUSTAH, MONUSCO, UNAMA, UNAMID, UNDOF, UNFICYP, UNIFIL, UNISFA, UNMIK, UNMIL, UNMISS, UNMOGIP, UNOCI and UNTSO.  Not too many people know that the Security Council determines the deployment of a new UN Peacekeeping operation.  Anyway, a number of basic steps have to happen before that decision is reached.

This fact is verified on : January 17, 2014.

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