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Number of Hospitals in the US

How many hospitals are there in US?

According to the American hospital association fast facts on US hospitals from AHA hospital statistics there are Total Number of All U.S. Registered Hospitals 5,759 and Total Staffed Beds in All U.S. Registered Hospitals are 955,768. With the growth of the population and increase in patients’â„¢ government is looking to build new hospitals.

This fact is verified on : January 24, 2010.

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  1. my name is stafffirdous in sph quetta pakistan iam sit in surgical ward in sph quetta

  2. I have a question for Mr . Obama. If the gov’t can’t even keep up with 153 VA hospitals, HOW DOES HE THINK THE GOV’T IS GOING TO TAKE CARE OF 5,759 PRIVATE HOSPITALS IN THE U.S. UNDER OBAMACARE. Wake up, America!!!!!!! This man is leading us into a catastrophe !!!!!!

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