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Number of Federal Employees

Number of Federal Employees

This fact is verified on : March 29, 2010.

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  1. Does this statistic include the Postal Workers (~600k)? It does not distinguish between the civilian and military. I think the civilian segment is 1.3 million and if the 600k is excluded, it brings the total to 1.9 million civilian federal workers.

    • Havlin must be a Federal worker, and stupid, too. This does not include the number of federal retired workers, most with twenty years service, federal contractors (yes there are millions more), or number of former federal workers getting disability (the biggest joke in goverment, so easy to get), state and municipal employees, school boards, etc. The Democrats and Rupublicans keep saying they want to protect the middle class and working people, but as government grows, fewer and fewert are paying the price. The current administration just spent about 3.5 trillion and we have no way of paying for it. Is the party over??????
      Of course Havlin will still be getting his paycheck (government) and retire at what age, 42??????, while veterans struggle years to get a disability claim approved, by thesae so called federal employees, who could not begin to survive in us woreking peoples world………..

      • You’re a jerk Donald B and most likely have the IQ of a turnip. He asks a pretty simple question question and you immediately go running off on some tangent about retired people and every other group he didn’t ask about…”HEY, look at the squirrles” you ADHD jerk!

      • Yes, Donald B., it is confirmed and I agree with MadMaxx! You are a jerk. Usually when a person attacks another person’s intelligence, they are really attacking their own. And as your unfocused diatribe indicates, you aren’t the smartest tack in the box.

        This article is about civilian federal employees, not about retiree’s or those on disability. I think a valid question would be, does this include the military? Are you military (retired) and that’s why you didn’t include them in your list and mentioned struggling veterans?

        Applying for disability is not a walk in the park with all of the forms and verifications you have to submit. Receiving disability is significantly harder and takes an enormous amount of time. My next door neighbor had terminal cancer. She died before her application was approved and left a mountain of medical bills.

        Lastly, there is no evidence to support your allegations that Havlin receives his government paycheck (except when the government shuts down). I understand “comments” include positive and negative. But in order for your rantings and ravings to have validation, they should make sense, and, Sir, yours don’t.

        • Bev if it is true that a person who attacks another person’s intelligence is really attacking their own means you are attacking your own. Just where do you rank with Donald B’s?

  2. Some information site this is. Your data for number of federal employees is over 3 years old!! Info is only valuable if it is current. So yours is worthless.

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