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Number of Evangelical Christians in America

How many evangelical Christians are there in America?

About 2,154,000.

There are about 2,154,000 evangelical/born again Christians in America as of 2008. This is according to the 2010 Statistical Abstract of the U.S. Census Bureau, which sourced its data from the American Religious Identification Survey (ARIS) 2008. This number reflects an almost two-fold increase in the number of evangelical/born-again Christians since 2001.

This fact is verified on : March 15, 2010.

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  1. There are approx 224 Million Christians in the United States. There are over 4 Million members of the NRA. Your answer of 2 million is way off.

    • Pastor Rick, It is true that anywhere from 72-76 percent of Americans claim to be Christians, but the question specificaly asks how many Evangelical Christians there are in the U.S.A. Where the much smaller number of 2 million fits appropriately.

      • 2 million? Southern Baptist have almost 20 million alone. You don’t count Southern Baptist as evangelicals? Other Baptist groups, too? Other fundamental groups who are evangelicals. Obviously, I think Baptist count themselves as Evangelicals in fact I thought Baptists all but invented the concept of evangelicals? 🙂 I think Southern Baptists Billy & Franklin Graham do, too. I had read up to 80 million Evangelicals in one publication a few years ago.

  2. Evangelist are the ones who sold the USA out to Israel, the fake Rothchild Israel that kills children. Revelations 2:9 is a scripture they missed at bible study. These idiots coaxed George Bush to attack Iraq so they could go to Israel and build a temple. They follow the Scofield bible rewritten to support Zionism. They are trying to genocide America by promoting wars for their fat gold calf which is Rothchild’s Israel. Disgusting and Satanic.

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