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Number of Americans on Welfare

Number of Americans on Welfare

This fact is verified on : February 23, 2010.

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  1. 50.1 million is a lot of people using welfare. A few things concern me though. First, I would expect numbers for 2009 to be high as we are coming off one of the worst economies since the early 1980s. I would further expect that of those 37 million receiving food stamps, some are also utilizing welfare or unemployment. Why do you not also report the number using Medicaid as it is also a form of welfare? Of course, since I read this on the internet, I know it’s totally true.

  2. What a bunch of BS. This must be a conservative website

  3. What is the source of your information regarding 50.1 million Americans using some form of welfare. Yesterday a friend and I debated this issue and according to his source, (Dept of Health and Human Services) there are only 4.3 million Americans, less than 5% of the population, on welfare.

    • Your friend’s source probably refers to this sentence:

      “Around 4-Million Americans were served by a state cash-assistance or welfare program”

      Then there’s this:

      “More than 37 million received federal food stamps and about 9.1 million received unemployment benefits. If treated as exclusive numbers, there would be a total of 50.1 million Americans”

      – Yes, food stamps and unemployment benefits count as a form of welfare as well.

      • The article says these are treated as EXCLUSIVE NUMBERS. To me that means that they add all three together. Issue is, of course, how many folks get two or even all three. I suppose some sampling technique could get us a pretty good figure for that.

  4. It’s called unemployment INSURANCE. Those people who are eligible to collect it must meet quite stringent guidelines and most likely their employers have been paying into the fund for years and years. Putting it into the same buckets as state cash assistance or welfare is incorrect.

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