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  1. How many senior fall detection devices are there in the world? Wireless and button pushed (Help I’ve fallen and I can’t get up) type?
    Robin A Keaffaber

  2. Hello could you please post these two “how many’s?”

    How many Juliet balconies in the world?

    How many apartments in the world?

    Many thanks

    Nathan Pearson

  3. How many gays and lesbians are there in the U. S.?

    How many same sex marriages occurred in the U. S. in 2011?

    I am curious because this has become such a political “hot topic”. Same-sex marriage seems to apply to such a small percentage of U.S. citizens–is all the furor really warranted?

    Comments welcome from the straight and gay community!

    Mary M.

  4. Hi,

    I suggest adding new search features which allow users to search a number. Search results return entries with closest value to the search input

  5. How many Deer, Elk, Buffalo, Moose Wolves, Bears, Birds, and exotics are killed by hunters each year?

  6. how many mri are on native lands

  7. could you answer this please? : How many people visit zoos in a year

  8. i wanted to ask the number of mmo players in india?

  9. Hi, I want to know who is the author of this website. I am researching and would like to know. Please contact me back on my email. Thanks,Hack Wong

  10. Please give count on how many white men are in prison?

    How man police involved shootings not on the job?

  11. Hi,

    Do you have statistics for the number of google calendar users? I’d be very happy if you can provide me with such info. Thanks!

  12. How many indigent defendants use federal public defenders each year?
    How many federal public defenders make $100,000 or more in salary each year?
    How many cases do a federal public defender average per year for their salaries?
    How many federal prosecutions end in a successful conviction?
    How many of the successful federal prosecutions are the result of plea agreements?
    How many of the successful federal prosecutions are the result of defendants going to trial with public defenders that spends less than 8 hours with them in preparing their defense?
    How many federal prisoners have been released after being discovered to be innocent of their charges?
    How many federal prisoners claim to have been pressured or coerced by public defender to plea guilty when they knew they were innocent?
    How many convicted federal prisoners believe that their public defender had a unusual cozy relationship with their federal prosecutors?
    How many federal cases are appealed citing inefficient counsel from a public defender?
    How many federal prisoners are incarcerated as a result of plea agreements?
    How many federal prisoners believe that federal prosecutors buried or ignored exculpatory evidence proving their innocence, and twisted their case to fit a prosecution victory?
    How many American citizens believe that federal prosecutors are more concerned about a guilty verdict rather than the actual innocence or guilt of the defendant?
    How many American citizens believe that “immunity from suit” of federal prosecutors, was not intended to serve as a “cloaking device” to shield and protect malicious prosecutions and deliberate actions against justice?

    How many American Citizens are seriously and medically terrified and afraid of being unjustly targeted by a federal prosecutor with all the powers and budgets of the federal government to use against them?

  13. How many shar-pei dogs in the U.S. and in the world?

  14. Im enjoying your website. Im curious to know how its funded.

  15. Hello!
    Do you know how many lie detectors are in the World?

  16. Can you help me with my university homework? I am trying to confirm the number of daily flights of all manned airplanes in the US and the number in the air at all times.

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